Mint Guarantee

We guarantee that any product we ship is in the condition stated. All products on our website are in Mint condition unless stated otherwise. If you purchase an item that is in mint condition, we guarantee you will receive a mint condition product or your money back.

In instances where your package was damaged during shipment, please email us photos of the box, packaging and product so we can proceed in processing a refund/exchange. We can NOT guarantee a exchange for special edition items since they are limited.

PLEASE NOTE: Small imperfection to the corners of Funko POP! boxes fall outside of the Mint Guarantee. Examples may include minor fraying and imperfections in the factory folding, these are out of our control and come with almost any Funko POP!

Product Conditions:

Mint - No flaws, no scratches, completely flawless condition. (Factory flaws to any figures inside the packaging, that are in unopened boxes fall outside the Mint Guarantee as we have no control over such flaws)

Near Mint - No major flaws to the box, possible small rips or creases are visible under close examination. Box is in 9+/10 condition.

Light Damage - There will be slight visible damage, but the condition remains in 8+/10 condition. Possible creases or folds.

Damaged - There may be rips, tears or creases in the box. Possible holes. No damage to the figure.